Story of a Terrible Drawer

I Just Can't Sketch. Or Draw. Or Paint.

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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day #womensday #flowers #illustration #drawing #art #blogging #blogger

flower girl

The most exquisite flowers for my fellow women around the globe. :) Celebrate your strength — that powerful force that it is to be a WOMAN! And please support one another, ladies.

¡Feliz día internacional de la mujer!

Have a happy day!

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Laundry Day

Laundry Day #laundryday #dirtylaundry #literally #drawing #illustration #drawing #art #storytelling #blogging

Laundry Day

“My favorite, yay!” said no one ever. Or I might be wrong. Some people enjoy it, no? I do like the fresh smell of detergent, the feel of a clean towel…ahhh. Essentially, I’d like to skip the folding part.

By the way, I think my laundry room sketching has improved since this one. :-D

¡A lavar!

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